Planning, designing and implementation of LAN for office buildings are provided by this service in Sahlan Telecommunication FZC.

Newly wired technologies using high perfomance passive networking devices have enabled us to provide high speed data networks through structured cabling processes.

KRONE passive network products have enabled us to offer up to 10Gbps speed and a global class networking to the customers.

Sahlan Telecommunication FZC provides also a wide range of products for active devices in the networking projects including high speed switches and routers.

Sahlan Telecommunication FZC suggests a wide range of network special applications to make the network fully utilized by its customers including Centralized computing, VOIP, Video Conferencing and all those applications which can be achieved through the consultancy process.


Broadband networking in wireless area using IEEE 802.11 standards is one of the most popular networking solutions in SOHO, SMB, Enterprise and Hotspot environments.

Wireless LAN deployment has extended beyond offices and is now available in public areas.

Proxim ORINOCO as the enterprise class wireless product range is fully supported by SAhlan Telecommunication FZC.

Various wireless LAN solutions are classified, designed and provided to cover all range of related application include enterprise networking, security and surveillance and Public access applications.

Many of parameters are considered by our engineers through WLAN researching and designing process including coverage areas, throughput, security, hardware and OS, hotspot access area, power Ethernet, fail over protection, aesthetict and enclosures.



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