Data link



Sahlan Talecommunication FZC provides LAN to LAN connections between its customer offices using wireless or wired technologies.

In the wireless manner we offer Point to Point or Point to Multi Point data links.

Proxim Tsunami and Lynx products are used specially to establish excellent wireless high speed data/voice links between long distant headquarters. 

These products establish various reliable data speed ranging from 20Mps to 1GBps according to the solutions.


Meanwhile Sahlan Telecommunication FZC has established many high speed internet access service headquarters distributed in the world.

Establishment of leased line connection or wireless link between its ISP headquarters and its clients has positioned us as an active and efficient ISP in middle east.

Maxing the solutions, Sahlan Telecommunication FZC can provide high speed internet access to the customer's office centers and also full private network infrastructures in all around the region.



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